Without My Daughter

An American housewife, Betty Mahmoody, published a book titled Not Without My Daughter in the late 1980´s. In her book she gave an account of how she followed her Iranian husband, Dr. Bozorg Mahmoody, for a two-week holiday to Iran, but was eventually kept there against her will until 18 months later, she managed to escape taking their 5-year-old daughter with her over the mountains to Turkey and back to The United States.  In 1991 a movie with the same title was released based on the Betty’s book. This documentary tells the story of Dr. Bozorg Mahmoody, a man who has been a spectator to the Hollywood version of his life and is a father who has not been able to meet his daughter for 16 years.

90 min
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Produced 2002
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Producer Alexis Kouros & Kari Tervo
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Director Alexis Kouros & Kari Tervo

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